Policies & Safeguarding

In this section you will find our policy documents relating to Safeguarding, GDPR,  Code of Ethics, Disciplinary procedures, Social Media guidelines, Child Protection, and more.

Child Safety

Child Risk Assessment and Child Safeguarding Documentation are essential documents for Olympic Handball Clubs to achieve mandatory compliance with the Children First Act 2015. This compliance piece is mandatory for clubs in the Republic of Ireland, though we advise clubs in Northern Ireland to undergo this process as a principle of implementing best practice in the protection of children and young people.

Olympic Handball Ireland have provided  supporting documentation and instructions on how your club can comply with the Children First Act 2015. This is a mandatory process that all clubs providing services to children must complete.  

Any issues please get in touch with our Mandated Person/Designated Liaison Person in Olympic Handball Ireland:

Joao Ferreira

Email: joao@olympichandball.org             Phone: 085 184 8194 

Safeguarding Checklist

If you have juvenile players (Players under the age of 18) in your club, you must have the following:

All PLAYERS/COACHES are affiliated to Olympic Handball Ireland.

All Persons assuming a role of managing, supervising or coaching children is vetted and has completed the relevant Safeguarding Training.

A club with juvenile players must have at least one Safeguarding Officer.

A Safeguarding Officer must have completed the following training:

  • Safeguarding Level 1 Training/ Safeguarding Children & Young People 
  • Garda Vetting / Access NI Checked 
  • Be an affiliated Badminton Ireland Member 

A Safeguarding Officer who sits on the club committee. 

A Safeguarding Officer who is actively enforcing the Code of Conduct with players, officials and coaches.

Have an appointed Designated Liaison Person (assumed by the Chair of the Club if none can be appointed for the position).

Completed Child Risk Assessment.

Completed Safeguarding Statement visible at your venue of play. 

(Pieces referring to the Child Risk Assessment, Child Safeguarding Statement and the Designated Liaison Person are applicable to Affiliated Bodies in the Republic of Ireland only.:

If you have any questions on this criteria for safeguarding within your club, please contact Joao Ferreira on:

Email: joao@olympichandball.org             Phone: 085 184 8194 

GDPR Policy and Social Media Guidelines

Summaries of Personal Accident and Personal Liability Cover

  • Personal Accident Cover
  • Personal Liability Cover

IOHA Public Statement of Compliance

Governance Code for Sport Comply or Explain Form