Set Up a Club

If you want to set up a new olympic handball club in Ireland, please follow these steps.

If you want to set up a new club, please follow the steps below: 

Step 1 - Committees Appointment

Appoint people to the following positions:

  • Chairperson

Tasks of club chairperson includes: 

1. Chair Committee meetings

The Chairperson is responsible for making sure that each meeting is planned effectively, conducted according to the rules of the club/county/branch and that matters are dealt with in an orderly and efficient manner. 

S/he must:

  • Bring impartiality and objectively to meetings and decision making
  • Facilitate change and address conflict within the committee/officers
  • Facilitate those present to make their views, while maintaining control over the meeting
  • Ensure that meetings are progressive and that decisions are implemented
  • Oversee the production of the Club annual report and the holding of the Annual General Meeting

2. Ensure that the club's/county/branch affairs are managed effectively

The Chairperson must co-ordinate the affairs of the club/county.branch committee to ensure that appropriate procedures are in place for the effective managements of the affairs of the clubs.

S/he must: 

  • Keep an overview of all activity ensuring corrective action is taken, where needed
  • Coordinate the committee to ensure responsibility for particular aspects of management are met
  • Uphold the rules of the club/county/branch
  • Ensure that any standing/sub-committees and/or Working Groups function in accordance with their Terms of Reference, the Constitution and the organisation's policies and procedures

3.The Chairperson must ensure that the rules of Olympic Handball Ireland are upheld at all times and must ensure that Olympic Handball Ireland policy is implemented in the club.

4.Represent the Club/County/Branch

  • The Chairperson will be called upon to represent the body which it represents and sometimes be its spokesperson at various functions, meetings etc...

  • S/He should be aware of current issues that might affect the governing body and should always seek help and advice from the County/Branch Secretary, or Olympic Handball Ireland staff if required.

5. Be a leader and have a vision for the future of the Club

  • The Chairperson must have a vision for how the body will progress and should ensure that the body is operating to an agreed plan.

  • The Chairperson must be seen to ‘lead the Committee team’. This also involves regularly reviewing the Committee's performance and identifying and managing the process for renewal of the Committee through recruitment of new members. 


What skills and qualities a Club Chairperson should have?

  • Excellent Leadership skills
  • Good Planning, organisational and interpersonal skills
  • An understanding of what is required to chair the club
  • Good facilitation and communication skills
  • An ability to ensure decisions are taken and followed-up
  • Impartiality, fairness and able to handle items confidentially
  • Able to delegate tasks and work with committee members in achieving objectives
  • Be familiar with the running of a committee

  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Safeguarding Officer
  • Coach

Step 2 - Fill the online Club registration form

Fill out our Club Registration Form here.

Step 3 - Safeguarding

Appoint a safeguarding officer if there is one or more than one players under the age of 18.

Tasks of Club Safeguarding Officer includes: 

1. Able to provide information and advice in the area

This includes:

  • Promotion of the importance of the Children First Risk Assessment and Child Safeguarding Statement (applicable to R.O.I)
  • Hosting regular information meetings with parents and coaches
  • Being a resource to coaches and volunteers in the body as well as sitting on the Executive Committee

2. Able to administrate and implement safeguarding policies

This includes:

  • Monitoring safeguarding training/vetting records
  • Implementing safe recruitment practices in line with the OHI Policy on Recruitment & Selection
  • Ensuring members have signed up to the OHI Code of Conduct
  • Understanding OHI Safeguarding Policy

3. Report regularly to the Executive Committee

4. Advise on confidentiality and data protection

5. Monitor dropout and any unusual dropout patterns within the body

6. Understand regulations in terms of complaints, disciplinary and appeals procedures


What skills and qualities a Club Safeguarding Officer should have?

  • Knowledge of Child Protection legislation
  • Approachable Person
  • Excellent Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • Good administrative skills
  • Knowledge of OHI Safeguarding Structures and Policies

Step 4 - Follow up contact

A member of our staff will contact you!