Sports Systems Investment - New Governing Bodies Scheme

Dec 18 2023,

The Irish Olympic Handball Association received additional funding from Sport NI to keep the development of Olympic Handball in Northern Ireland

IOHA expresses its appreciation for the funding received from Sport NI. We are thrilled to receive substantial support for Olympic Handball through the 'Sports Systems Investment - New Governing Bodies Scheme.' This investment is specifically aimed at aiding governing bodies in expanding their sports, proving to be a valuable boost for Olympic Handball.

The allocated funds will empower IOHA to implement a variety of participation-focused programs and provide essential support to clubs, fostering growth in an inclusive and sustainable way. We extend our gratitude to Sport NI for their generous support and emphasize the significant impact this funding will have on the development of Olympic handball within communities across Northern Ireland.

The funding  is allocated to the following projects: 

  • Retention & Growth

  • Workforce Planning

  • Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

  • Good Governance